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The Opiate Diaries

Dir: Chris Bollinger

Written by: PJ Bollinger

Produced by: PJ Bollinger

Starring: Giselle Marie, Guillermo Jorge,

Art Richardson, Tom McClaren

Following a car crash, all Hope wanted was relief from 

the back pain. Before she knew it, her child is taken into state custody, and her house and lifestyle are gone, leaving her searching every day for the source of her next fix. Throughout her downward spiral, she finds love, friendships, and her own humanity. 


THE OPIATE DIARIES is a barebones journey into the real losses that come with drug addiction. The film is a commentary on a nationwide problem, showing that anyone canoe suddenly grabbed by addiction. Driven by strong performances from leads Giselle Marie and Guillermo Jorge, this film mixes family drama with the psychological torment thou­sands experience every day, incorporating real stories and inspired by classics like Trainspotting and Requiem for a Dream.

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