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Shadowboxer Key Art 2.png


Dir: Chris Bollinger

Written by: PJ Bollinger

Produced by: PJ Bollinger, Chris Bollinger,

Eric Ibarra

Starring: Derrian Tolden, Jonny Walker,

Jacquelin Arroyo

Johnny "The Son of Shadow" Garcia had it all. A good home, his health, and a family that loved him. Suddenly, a family tragedy, leaves him alone in his parents' neighborhood, where the fighting is no longer restricted to the ring. Alone, and down for the count, Johnny's faith, familia, and fists are tested 

once and for all. 


SHADOWBOXER is a get punched and get back up again, coming-of-age sports drama set in the surprisingly similar worlds of professional boxing and LA gang turf wars. Debuting social media darling and world class professional boxer Joseph "El Tigre" Landeros, Shadowboxer fea­tures high class action scenes against gritty real world struggles. The performances of Vince Romo, Art Richardson and John Molina Jr., make this a film that leaves audiences, sports fans or not, in it till the final bell. 

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