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Police and Fire Publishing is dedicated to molding the best law enforcement and criminal justice professionals in the business.  We have materials to assist instructors extract every possible teaching opportunity from our publications.  Our library is state of the art, expansive, and always growing.

Customized Instructor Solutions

With 33 million reported crimes each year in the United States, the field of criminal justice continues to grow.  As such, there a any number of career opportunities throughout the criminal justice system available, from police officer to parking control officer and everything in between.

With tens of thousands of criminal justice students across the country we understand that many college level instructor's and institutions of higher learning are looking to bridge the gap between theory and reality, as such we offer the following services to assist in both teaching the courses, as well as developing specific courses for your institution.

Our textbooks are written by professionals who have spent their adult lives in pursuit of Professional Excellence and Advanced Education. These books and services will no doubt stimulate dialogue between students and instructors.

Quality Curriculum Development Solutions
Police and fire publishing understands that time is valuable. We would like to
lessen that burden by offering quality curriculum development solutions.
Police and Fire publishing is offering course development with adoption of a
single or customized textbook at no additional cost.

The Benefits for your Institution and its Instructor’s

     • Saves time and resources to allocate to other projects.
     • Convenience of a fully developed course.
     • No need to find or compensate a subject matter expert or Instructional

What would be included in the quality curriculum development solutions plan?
     • Customized by a subject matter expert with the assistance of the actual author of

          the book adopted.
     • With assistance from the author, we can guarantee that relevant content in the

          text will not be lost in course development.
     • We will ensure the course being developed matches your course outcomes
     • Course materials will be organized by the following:

          Introduction of the course
          Short video clip from the author
          Included will be a customized format used by your institution
          Complete with case studies
          Interactive activities and quizzes to reinforcing student’s comprehension of the

               course material
          Includes standardized homework assignments and projects
          End of chapter exams
          A Mid-Term and Final Exam
          Customized textbooks
          At police and fire publishing we understand it is often difficult to find the
               “right” Textbook containing all of the materials achieving course outcomes in

               one book.

What is the process of developing a customized textbook?
     • Your institution can use any of our police and fire publishing books to
          create different chapters fitting your institutional needs.
     •  Includes all of your course materials into one book.
     •  Customized cover with your institution’s name, logo, course number and name of

          the course.
     •  Add your own material if non-copyrighted, or with permission from author.

Important facts:
     •  Includes electronic review of the final text before print if requested.
     •  No minimum or maximum number of pages required to customize a textbook.
     •  Cost varies depending on size and the number of pages.
     •  Production time of a customized textbook is dramatically reduced although varies

           for each book, based on your Institutional needs, requirements and printing time.
     •  All customized textbooks have a unique isb number, making it easier for your

          bookstore to order additional copies.
     •  Please understand that customized books are created specifically for you or your


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