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By Ramon Mendoza and featuring contributions from: Joe Preciado, Leo Duarte, Steve Duncan, Brian Parry, Richard Valdemar, Christopher "Chris" Brandon, Nelson Arriaga, Mike Martinez, and Frank "Paco" Marcell.


Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations have joined forces with the powerful Mexican Mafia prison gang while politicians and news pundits grapple over what constitutes a border emergency. The Mexican Mafia's control over tens of thousands of Sureño street gang members, including MS-13, 18th Street, and Florencia 13, is facilitating the transnational acceleration and distribution of drugs entering from our southern border and enabling criminal commerce to function smoothly.


The Unholy Alliance reveals the co-conspirators of an international organized criminal coalition who have perfected the art of exploiting our nation's security, our communities, and the U.S. prison system. This nightmare is taking place - a tsunami of death and destruction - and rocking the foundation of our nation right before our very eyes.


You will be introduced to the suppliers, brokers and facilitators of drugs, murder, and institutional corruption, 21st Century style. Like manna from above, the already thriving multi-billion dollar drug business owned by the Mexican cartels has been dealt a strong hand in the high stakes game.

The Unholy Alliance - Mexican Mafia, Cartels and Sureños

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