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by Tony Moreno


SPINACH FOR THE EVERYDAY WARRIOR is a book written by Tony Moreno due to his unique background and experience of working in the law enforcement trenches for over 32 years. He has seen firsthand the adverse effect that stress, trauma and grief has had on him, those around him and the people he has dealt with over the years. He has also seen what enables certain people to endure hardship and come back strong.

The book is a series of easy to read chapters focusing on topics that have a personal connection to most of us. Tony allows you to examine and contemplate his point of view on these issues and inspires you to take a good, hard look at yourself. His short stories and vivid examples will cause you to personally take stock of your own feelings, perspectives and beliefs.

SPINACH FOR THE EVERYDAY WARRIOR keys in on the importance of our attitudes, emotions and mindset. It shines a light on that little fire that most of us have burning inside of us … our "warrior spirit". This book is written for you, the "everyday warrior", who has to wake up day after day and face what's up ahead … good and bad. It is designed to be your best friend, your pat on the back and even your kick in the butt.

Whatever the effect that SPINACH FOR THE EVERDAY WARRIOR has on you, it will be personal to you … the "everyday warrior".

Spinach for the Everyday Warrior

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