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by Benny  Cruz


The content of this book is for informational purposes only. The book will help those assigned to monitor prison and street gangs, criminal groups, or drug cartel operatives deciphering what they say or talk about. This book is language and slang commonly used by those criminals. It’s intended for those in the field of corrections and law enforcement. This book is a must-have for those tasked with intercepting mail, text messages, or listening to a telephone conversation. This book discusses words, terms, and language that some readers might consider profane, vulgar, racial, derogatory, or offensive.


Slang terms are words or phrases that have a cultural definition that is different from the literal meaning. Slang expressions also change continually. Many expressions or words often have more than one purpose or meaning. Some phrases have been around so long that they have become idioms or common expressions where certain word combinations are different from their literal meaning.

Operation Blackball: Street Talk

SKU: 9781936986538
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