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By Susan Jones and Sarah Billingsley Chapman


The issues facing corrections leaders are complex and multi-faceted and leaders are bombarded by the demands to make quick and correct decisions on a daily basis.  As a former warden in a high security state prison, I understood the pressure that is placed upon leaders, particularly, those at the facility level.  I often commented that I felt like I spent all day playing the “whack-a-mole” approach to decision making.  I rarely felt like I had adequate time nor all the information needed to make an informed decision.  The obvious down side of this whack-a-mole approach was that many of my decisions came back with problems, time and time again. I regretted having to work in an environment where I was not given complete information or the time to carefully consider the available information.

This book is a direct response to my management experiences in corrections.  The Management of Inmate Perpetrated Harassment- A guide for corrections leaders, is intended to give the reader everything they need to know about this topic, including policy language and training curriculum, to address the sexually abusive/harassing behavior of inmates directed at staff. As my co-author and I wrote this guide, we built upon our corrections experience to ensure that this guide included complete information to allow corrections leaders to build policy and action upon the research and the results of litigation, while working within a framework that is fully aware of the corrections culture.   It is our hope that this guide will help each of you to take steps to reduce or eliminate these issues within your corrections facility.

- Susan Jones


Management of Inmate Perpetrated Harassment – A Guide for Corrections Leaders

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