By Felix Aguirre

This book delves into an assortment of tools needed to heighten awareness, clarify the dynamics of and develop strategies for dealing with children involved in or toying with gang involvement.

Can a child be pulled from gang involvement? Will moving out of a gang neighborhood solve the problem? How does one identify a child's interest in gangs? What are the signs to look for? Why do gangs form? Why does a child become involved in such issues? What can be done to combat gang violence and what can be done to pull a child from its vicious grasp?

The Author focuses on these issues, characteristics and dynamics to benefit the educator, parent and professional who might deal with a child, teen or young adult immersed in or toying with gang participation. Minors and young adults may be required to register with the local law enforcement agency, be documented as gang members or face a number of enhancements that will lock them up for decades. Even if they are still minors.

A Revealing Look At Street Gangs (English/Spanish)

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