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Kilroy Key Art.png


Dir: Chris Bollinger

Written by: PJ Bollinger

Produced by: Paul Morales, PJ Bollinger

Starring: Wilson Ramirez, Carlos Padilla Jr.,

Brian Eric Johnson

Based on a true story, Kilroy tells the life story of a high ranking Mexican Mafia member, from an abusive childhood through to his later redemption. Interwoven with the origin story of one of America’s most vicious gangs, the film explores if spiritual awakening is possible in the most flawed of people.


KILROY is a biopic period drama that follows the incredible life story  of Ernest 'Kilroy' Roybal, a founding member of La Eme or the Mexican Mafia. Once LA’s most prominent heroin dealer, Kilroy rose to prominence in California’s San Quentin State Prison. As La Eme’s shot caller, Kilroy conducted business for 4 years from a solitary confinement cell, before being released and devoting his life to evangelism.


Powered by Wilson Ramirez’s performance as Kilroy, director Chris Bollinger and team bring a kinetic spiral to this unique and fractured story. A gripping prison thriller in the vein of American Me, Shot Caller and Blood In, Blood Out, the film leaves  audiences wondering how they too can become a better person.

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