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Blue Lives Matter

Dir: Joseph Henson

Written by: Joseph Henson

Produced by: PJ Bollinger, Miles Ornales

Starring: Derrian Tolden, Jonny Walker,

Jacquelin Arroyo


When a veteran African-American street cop is unjustly convicted for the murder of a violent gang-member, he must take his appeal into his own hands to fight for both his life and freedom.


Based of the book “Court of Appeals”, BLUE LIVES MATTER is a topical crime drama, set in modern America’s courthouse. Against a backdrop of race relations and controversial public perception, kinetic and character-driven cinematography and uniquely paced John Grisham-esque twists and turns show the modern experience of being an officer in America.


Written by a career-officer Sergeant Pete Bollinger,this highly suspenseful hostage courtroom drama hopes to show audiences how fast the world is for a police officer, and that no story is ever black and white.

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