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About us

Police and Fire Publishing began as the passion project of two career police officers in Southern California. The company has been derived from the desire to relay their real-world experiences and hard lessons learned to a new generation of public servants. The works of PFP act as a metaphorical passing of the torch to both new officers and any looking to enhance their understanding of their profession. Since its inception, PFP has expanded its material from a guide on the oral interview preceding acceptance to the police academy to the  most detailed history on the Mexican Mafia to ever be created.


PFP is distinguished from other publishers by its base of authors, all of which are either current industry professionals or verifyable experts in their particular focus. And because of this, many of the works are unparalleled in both quality of material and relavance.


As the company expanded and the need for a sales team was noticed, the owners decided that they needed individuals who shared their dedication to

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